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6 Behaviors That Will Stall Your Career
Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In rapidly changing times such as these, rules are no longer as concrete as they used to be. They are just as flexible as anything else that has to adapt to a new age. Here are some of the things that used to be the rules that were not to be broken but now can actually break your career:
1) Pleasing Your Boss
Nowadays it takes more than making your boss happy in order to get your career moving forward. You have to think about making your boss's boss happy too. You need to make your value known around the company by putting in more effort than is expected and getting recognition for it. Whenever you feel that you're not getting the recognition for your hard work, it's sometimes okay to go above your boss. While your boss may be your immediate supervisor, remember that you work for the entire company.

2) Doing A Job Well Done
Doing the expected simply doesn't cut it anymore. If you want to do exceptional in your career, your performance has to reflect it. Have you ever thought about things that you could do to improve your company's success but didn't because it wasn't in your job description? Or perhaps an opportunity came up that would allow you to go above and beyond because you didn't think you would get recognition for it. The choices made in those situations is what differentiates a good employee from an exceptional one.

3) Keeping the Customer Happy
The customer is king--most of the time. Meeting their needs without taking all the circumstances into consideration isn't a smart move. For example, a customer might demand that you do something against company policy in order to satisfy their complaint. Making clients and customers happy with your service is important but even more important is keeping your job. You should never sacfrice your own or the company's integrity for the demand of a customer that would cause you to do so.

4) Putting In More Hours
Contrary to popular belief, the longer your workday does not equal results. The way to working smarter, rather than harder, is by making the most of your time at work. Getting double the productivity done in the same amount of time is the way to go.

5) Playing to Workplace Politics
People love a good drama, especially ones that can unfold right before their eyes. While most if not all workplaces has their own set of politicsk you want to be sure you stay out of them. Staying out doesn't mean being completely oblivious. Know how things around your workplace run and who runs them. It might be hard not to take sides but the further removed your are the less risk you run of getting caught up when things hit the fan.

6) Looking Busy vs. Being Busy
Your boss will be able to tell which category you actually fall into. Looking busy can only take you as far as that. It won't produce the results that doing actual work produces. You can fake it all you want but you definitely won't make it with this approach. Anyone can try to look busy but that will end up getting old. If you find that you don't have enough to do, seek the work out and show that you're committed to being a proactive team player.