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Take a Chance on Chassis Fabrication
Thursday, July 19, 2012

These days, it doesn't pay to be a jack-of-all-trades. People--well, employers specifically--want someone on their team who knows what they're doing and knows how to do it well. Just like the culinary example, the same applies to the complex work of the automotive industry.
Chef, baker, chocolatier... These are just a few of the areas of expertise that people can acquire within the culinary world. They can even take it a step further and choose to have their specialization within a partiular type of cuisine.

Chassis fabrication gives automotive enthusiasts an area of interest that they can master and make money with. The world is becoming increasingly high-tech by the minute but no amount of computer technology can replace the traditional hands-on skills that go into producing quality cutting and welding.

Learning a trade lays the foundation for a clear-cut path to a career. Schools like Wyotech offer students the opportunity to learn about motorsports chassis fabrication. People who already like and know how to build, repair, or just tinker around with cars gain a valuable and marketable trade with something like chassis fabrication trade.

Getting training from a vocational school teaches you things that you wouldn't be able to learn on your own, or at least not as easily. Talent can get you started, but skills can get you off the ground. You gain the advantage of knowing how to develop techniques for using speciality patterns, read automotive related drawing, and draw basic specialty automotives.
If things like studying metal types, configurations, pattern and outline development, mechanical drawing, and pro-street frame sets sound interesting to you then chassis just might be a choice career for you.

An added bonus of these types of careers is that they allow you to work with you hands and mind. So for those who cringe at the thought of being chained to a desk every day, consider delving into the automotive world. You might be surprised what's hidden under your own hood.