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Take Your Career to New Heights
Friday, May 11, 2012

A career as a pilot is one that can take you places in your life, literally. Airplane pilots establish a life propelled by a distinguished career of leadership and command.

Whether you dream of flying commercial airliners or smaller, private planes most pilots get their start from the same places. Unless getting trained to fly in the armed forces, aspiring pilots need to earn their commerical pilot certificate from a commericial pilot ground school.

This training is similar to learning how to operate specialized types of machinery. Earning a pilot certificate requires 250 flight hours along with time spent in certain conditions and doing certain maneuvers. Once these hours are logged, the trainee takes a written and flying test.

Civilian training can be costly, however, it's comparable to the cost of paying out of pocket for other types of specialized education. Starting salaries for licensed pilots can range from $25,000 to more than $50,000. Experienced pilots can earn nearly $300,000 per year.

The life of a pilot is much different than that of a typical career. There are no set schedules since you may be departing from one part of the world and landing in a completely different time zone.

Pilots also carry a great deal of responsibility involves the safety of those aboard the plane. As captain, they must take charge of the crew to ensure that both staff's and passengers' lives are protected from danger.

Pilots have to also work long hours so balancing home life is a challenge. Holidays will also be a hard to juggle because, like hotels, businesses in the travel industry don't get breaks. Flying conditions can also take unpredictable turns so the captain will have to know what the right decisions to make in orde to ensure everyone's safety.

It takes a person who is passionate about aviation and can handle a great deal of pressure to be a successful pilot. Pilots have to know more than just how to fly a plane. It takes extensive knowlege of understanding meterology, flight theory, aircraft systems, navigation, regulations and air traffic control, and much more.

Pursuing a career as a pilot sets you up for a lifetime of adventure. The demand for pilots is always there with available positions ready to be filled by qualifed and skilled pilots. Not everyone has what it takes to be a pilot. Those who prove they can conquer the skies lead lives with fulfilling careers and the salaries to match.