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Say Ahoy to This Career
Friday, May 04, 2012

Engineering is a popular occupation because of its broad job opportunities. One of these career possibilities can be seen at work out on open waters.

Marine specialists are the engineers who design and build ships and aircrafts. Things like submarines, sailboats, and tankers are all results of the work marine engineers do.

This type of work is always changing and requires people who have had special training. The facets within this industry are intricate so there are different positions within the marine engineering field. For example, some engineers specialize in repair and maintenance while other concentrate on the shipbuilding process.

Even though they're work involves building water crafts, the work environment is often situated in the office where they make planning decisions. This is extemely important becuase any flaw in the design can result in a catastrophic accident.

Testing the Waters
Getting started on a career in the marine engineering industry begins with education. Bachelor's degree programs will include courses like mechanical engineernig, marine engineering and ocean engineering.

Dipolomas at vocational schools are also available for careers in diesel and power generation along with mechanical and electrical systems.

The knowledge students gain in these courses are also applicable in other fields such as offshor drilling operations and the oil and gas industry. The need to transport energy products will continue to grow so the demand for marine engineers and naval architects will follow that growth.

Naturally, more demand means more pay. Two years ago, the average salary for marine engineers was nearly $80,000.

Marine engineering is a unique career that offers people the chance to work in a speciality field where their work helps create more career opportunities for others.