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Wealthy With Wrenches
Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Auto mechanics throughout the years have been associated with a stigma of being grimy jobs that don't have much to them besides parts and tools. Despite maintstream portrayal of what embodies a mechanic, or "auto technicians" as they are more commonly being referred to as, actually make a fine living with their trade.

An auto mechanic is much more than the grease-stained guy tinkering under the hood of your car. In fact, they must have an excellent understanding of vehicles and topnotch reasoning skills in order to properly diagnose a problem and find the right solution. Auto techs are not just handymen, they're problem solvers.

Automotives have come a long way fast and auto technicians must evolve just as quickly. They need to know more than just what's under the hood, but also every other component of a car like it's intricate electronic performance systems for each make and model.

There's a notion that auto technicians don't require extensive knowledge but the case is just opposite. Auto techs are expected to obtain more and more job training as the industry gains complexity.

Vehicles of all kinds aren't going anywhere any time soon as many people rely on them on a daily basis as their main mode of transportation. With that, there will always be a demand for someone to fix or upkeep it. Auto technicians are essentially doctors for vehicles. Without them, most people wouldn't be able to get around in cars or anything running on an engine for that matter.

Plus, becoming a mechanic gives the added advantage of room for advancement in the field. Since vehicle development is only going to become more advanced and high-tech over time, pursuing a career in auto mechanices is a great choice. The demand for trained mechanics is sure to increase.


Auto mechanics in the early days had a much simpler task to tackle, but with a computers making their way in the automotive industry it requires more than a desire and a shop willing to teach you the ropes.

Many schools offer a variety of training certification programs and post secondary programs are also available for those wanting to earn a degree in auto mechanics. These programs are offered through trade schools, junior colleges and even some four-your institutions.

There are even some programs available through specific schools that teach students the inticacies of
automobiles along with how to build and maintain them. In the U.S., these programs are accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology.

With an apprenticeship program, an auto mechanic can start there for about three to four years in place of a certification. However, some of the necesssary specialized skills and training can't be derived from just an apprenticeship.

Being that there are so many different types of auto mechanic careers, the pay varies on the specialization and level being worked. Typically, a good mechanic salary ranges between $30,000 to $60,000 a year but that figure tends to reflects the level of experience.  According to the Department of Labor, an auto mechanic can expect to make about $42,800 a year which equals about $21 per hour.

While the pay is relatively good, the work environments are suitable for people who don't mind working over 40 hours a week in a less than comfortable environment. The work does, of course, involve, getting dirty and greasy and requires being done in somewhat awkward positions. For those with an affinity for cars and hands-on work, this career path can be very rewarding.